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Bob & Deidre Kozminski and Judy Wilson owners of FTCH Riveroak Turn Me Loose 2014 who was a 2014 National finalist.
Judy Wilson owner of FTCH AFTCH Runnin's Lady Known As Lou who went 6 series in the 2014 National.
Bob Kozinski owner of Battle River Perro who went 5 series in the 2014 National.
Gail Komadoski and Kevin Howarth owners of FTCH Pilkington's Chasing Liberty who went 5 series in the 2014 National.
Larry Baker owner of FTCH AFTCH OCG's Equalizer who went 3 series in the 2014 National.            
Kevin Howarth and Gail Komadoski owners of FTCH Pilkington's Put'n On The Ritz who went 3 series in the 2014 National.
Dewayne Hay who handled Heads Up For Goldenworks Roo SH WCX to his Working Certificate Excellent title.
Carol Anderson who handled Bullrush Sandy Hook Holly WCI to her Working Certificate Intermediate title.
Mariyn Bayrak who handled Atop My Favorurite Riesling WC to his Working Cetificate title.
Chvann Erickson who handled Torgs Princess Sadie WC to her  Working Certificate title.            
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Established in 1935, the Manitoba Gun Dog Association Inc. is an organization with a long and colorful history. We are proud to be one of the premier field trialing clubs in North America. Numerous field trial champions have risen from our ranks through the years.

Interested in joining?   Benefits of membership include:

  • Learn to train your retriever for hunting, field trials, hunt tests and/or working certificate tests
  • Attend training workshops
  • Members enjoy the use of our 160 acres of private grounds for training purposes
  • Join others training their dogs for hunting, licensed Canadian Kennel Club field trials, hunt tests and/or working certificate tests
  • Participate in picnic "fun" trials
  • Conserve game by hunting with a trained retriever

Download a Membership Application Form here.
Note: Application form is in PDF format, and requires a plug-in such as Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view and print. A free download of Adobe Reader is available by clicking here:

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2014 MGDA Executive
President: Fred Benjaminson
Past President: Dewayne Hay
1st Vice-President: Colin McMichael
2nd Vice-President: Gail Komadoski
Secretary: Crystal Fulton
Treasurer: Percy Ruddock
Directors: Larry Baker
Marilyn Bayrak
Brian Dwyer
Matt Mutcheson
Email MGDA Club Secretary  MGDA
The Club Executive meets the  1st Wednesday of every month, January-June and September-December.

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